how serge ibaka can lead toronto raptors to the nba finals

Toronto Raptors have acquired Serge Ibaka by trading Terrence Ross and a 1st round draft pick to Orlando. Seems like Serge Ibaka may be the deciding factor that will lead the Raptors to the NBA Finals. Ibaka joins a formidable Toronto Raptors team that recently went to the Eastern Conference Finals.

The Toronto Raptors fought tooth and nail. Raptors took the Cavaliers to six games before Cleveland won the series. Toronto faced many issues that caused them to lose and  Serge Ibaka serves as the answer. “Iblocka” brings 3 essential things the Raptors need to get to the NBA Finals.

Serge Ibaka Brings Spacing

First of all Serge is a power  forward who can shoot threes at a decent clip. Ibaka is a better three point shooter than any other forward on the Toronto Raptors. Thus  Ibaka’s ability to space the floor will allow more room for other players to operate. Demar Derozan and Kyle Lowry will have larger driving lanes. Serge Ibaka will serve as a better knock down shooter as well. Ibaka will create a ton of space which is pure Gold. NBA teams that win always have great spacing.

Ibaka Makes Raptors More Athletic

Serge is now the Raptors most athletic forward. Hence the Raptors now have athleticism on the perimeter and interior. Serge Ibaka will block shots and play harassing defense on any opponent. Ibaka is more athletic than any other power forward he will be facing in the East. As a result Kyle Lowry and Demar Derozan can rest easy knowing they have a great shot blocker behind them. Ibaka will help the Raptors overpower the competition by being stronger, faster and more durable.

Serge Brings A  Veteran Presence To Toronto

Especially relevant Ibaka is a veteran who has seen it all. Serge has been to the playoffs and has played in all rounds. Ibaka knows what the competition is like all the way through the NBA Finals. Therefore Serge and his veteran experience can serve as a gold mine. In addition Demar Derozan will be more settled on the court knowing he has a teammate who can give advice on what to do in crunch time. Raptors somewhat lack veteran leadership.  Corey Joseph was brought in to bring veteran leadership.  However Joseph was too young to be a  factor thus corey was not taken seriously. Ibaka can come in and demand a lot more respect with his extensive resume. Subsequently Raptors will grow mentally exponentially with Serge’s presence.


Raptors may have lucked up with this trade. Toronto has traded up and won the trade handily. As a result the next stop for the Raptors may include a trip to the NBA Finals.