Adam Silver and the NBA implemented new draft reform addressing teams tanking. Bad teams in the NBA tank in order to get the number 1 pick in the draft. Philadelphia 76ers serve as prime example of a team which continually tank seasons. NBA fans miss out in the process going to watch games of a team barely trying. Owners of tanking teams expect to pee on their fans heads and expect them to think it is rain. 

Adam Silver To The Rescue

The NBA Commissioner unveiled his ambitious plan to deter teams from tanking. NBA Draft Lottery comprised as is makes for the 3 worst teams in the NBA to have higher percentages to get the #1 draft pick. The odds for the worst teams go from 25%, 19.5% and 16.5%. Adam Silver proposes NBA draft reform which makes the 3 worst teams in the NBA have equal odds. Each team will have 14% chance to get the number 1 draft pick. Silver also adds a 4th team with 12.5% chance to get the number 1 draft pick. 

Adam Silver is taking a step in the right direction. The NBA draft lottery requires a complete overhaul which will eliminate the worst teams getting high draft picks.  The NBA is better off rewarding middle of the road teams that finish 17-20 with the number 1 draft pick.  This will create a culture of winning from the bottom to the top in the NBA. Teams will have to compete to at least have a respectable record to get a high draft pick. 

A proposed  revision to Adam’s system is to give the team that finishes 17th a 20% chance to get the number 1 draft pick. The team that finishes 18th get a 19 percent chance to win and the team that finishes 20th gets 18%. Only one team that finishes dead last will have 12% to get the number one draft pick. Therefore this new system promotes helping teams in the middle of the road who are truly one player away. Moreover, such a drastic reform eliminates tanking altogether and forces team to draft and scout better. 

NBA Players Rest Barely Addressed

Adam Silver proposes a plan to fight NBA teams  resting stars by encouraging  teams to rest players during home games. Silver will enforce a strict policy which prohibits teams from resting players during road games and primetime . According to Silver road games may be the only times fans see stars. However, home games fans have multiple chances to buy tickets to see their favorite player. Hence, Silver wants players to rest at home not on the road. 

Adam holds discretionary right to fine teams $100,000 if they fail to comply with the rest policy. While Silver’s intentions are good he barely puts a Band-Aid on the issue of resting players. The NBA  needs  clear cut and defined rules about resting players.  Teams need an exact amount of rest allowed during the regular season. Otherwise there is too much gray area players will continue to defy the NBA and rest.  Furthermore  Silver needs to fine players instead of teams.  Billionaires own the teams thus $100k is a drop in the bucket. If you fine players instead $100k may be their game check and they will think twice about resting. 

Overall Silver’s heart is in the right place. These are the first steps to multiple reforms down the line. Hopefully we will see better reforms. NBA fans simply deserve better,