Cleveland Cavaliers are down 0-2 in the NBA Finals and Tyronn Lue is trying to find the answer to get on the board. For the first time in Lebron James playing career a series does not solely rest on his shoulders. LBJ is averaging a triple-double through the first two games. What what more  can Cavs expect? Although Cleveland has battled back from an 0-2 deficit in the Finals last year this year seems very different due to the emergence of KD on the Warriors side.

Tyronn Lue came out recently saying he will not make any major adjustments. Lue’s philosophy is that the Cavs simply need to play better. Tyronn believes  the Cavs  will play better at home. I completely disagree with that notion due to the fact unlike last year it is not the Warriors bench that is frustrating the Cavs. Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant are having their way  which has not been witnessed since Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

NBA Finals last year Warriors were up 3-1 due to their bench. This year the overwhelming big 4 of the Dubs are lethal at all facets of the game. The Cleveland Cavaliers are facing an avalanche of epic proportion and not making adjustments would absolutely lead to a sweep.

Keys To Cavaliers Making This a Series

Tyronn Lue is going to have to start phasing out a lot of the one of one basketball that the Cavs have been playing. Through the first 2 games of the NBA Finals the Cleveland Cavaliers are  averaging 21 assists. Against the Golden State Warriors 21 assists is not enough to win. Lebron James and Kyrie Irving will have to become decoys and use their gravity to get their other teammates involved.

Hence the assists simply cannot come from LBJ only. Kevin Love, JR Smith and bench players like Deron Williams have to make plays for others. Cleveland has to make a concerted effort to up their assists totals to 25-30 per game.

What Happened to Tristan Thompson

Tristan Thompson has to show up on the rebounding front. Cavs major advantage against most team was their superior rebounding prowess. Currently the Warriors outrebounding the Cavs 103-100 . Some may feel  that is not an issue but offensive rebounds and tips are creating break downs in Cavs rotations and leading to wide open threes from KD and Klay Thompson.

Warriors already get a ton a possessions due to their fast pace there is no way to beat them if they are getting extra possessions from the glass. Tristan Thompson’s rebounding energy creates  magnetic energy for the team and allows Love and James to take possessions off where they can attack offensively because they know someone is cleaning the glass.

Turnovers None of the Apple Kind

Turnovers have also been a problem for the Cavs as they have 29 in the series to Warriors 24. Cavs are allowing Dubs defense to speed them up into mistakes. These Turnovers ignite Warriors break which is deadly. Lue has to find a way to run a few plays like horns and explicit post ups for different players to avoid playing a frantic pace with a bunch of possessions without purpose. A good offense gets shots for all players. Cavs offense is only manufacturing shots for James and Kyrie. The two being primary ball handlers have a lot of pressure to make plays.

That pressure is leading to turnovers. When other players finally get a hold of the ball they don’t know what to do with it and waste possessions. Lue has to lighten the ball handling duties of Lebron and Kyrie and create an offense with ball movement and player movement to cut down on their turnovers.

If Tyronn Lue fails to up his team’s assist, secure the boards and cut down on turnovers they will be looking at an 0-3 deficit.