The Houston Rockets seem to have the right formula to beat the dubs. Chris Paul and James Harden played sensational games to snap the Warriors 14 game road game winning streak. Chris Paul poured in 33 points, 11 rebounds and 7 assists. James Harden fresh from his hamstring injury dropped 22 points and 8 assist. The dynamic duo controlled the pace and set the tone early posting a 40 point 1st quarter.

Houston won the season series winning it 2-1. In the 116-108 victory the Rockets laid down the blueprint to defeat the Warriors. Houston proved that if you hit your threes and outrebound the dubs you can defeat them. Cavaliers emulated the same blueprint in 2016 when they won the NBA championship. 

The Rockets were able to eek out the win without Trevor Ariza and Gerald Green which is encouraging. However, the Warriors shot better from the field and shot better from three. Ultimately the Warriors lost the game because of their 19 turnovers some affecting the team down the stretch. 

Should The Rockets Be Confident They Can beat the Dubs?

Houston definitely should enjoy the win against the Dubs. Yet Houston must stop seeking validation from beating the Warriors. Chris Paul Said “We needed It” hence the Rockets are completed fixed on beating the Warriors. The Rockets “need” to worry about building great habits which can lead them to the Western Conference Finals. 

Defensively the Rockets gave up 48% shooting from the field and 47% from three.  The Splash Brothers were a combined 9-31 and Warriors were still able to shoot a high percentage overall. Therefore,  if the Warriors can be competitive with Steph and Klay off how about when they are on fire?

The NBA playoffs are a different ball game. There is equal rest and game planning is much different. While the Rockets should be encouraged they can easily be on the other side of the ledger. Houston has to improve it’s defense or they may risk running out of gas against the dubs in the playoffs.