Golden State Warriors dominance has been nothing short of magnificent. The Warriors swept the Portland Trailblazers and Swept the Utah Jazz. Golden State has a familiar theme facing off with teams who are not 100% as all three team GSW will have faced has an injury to their star players. Portland had Nurkic out, Utah had George Hill out and now Spurs are without Tony Parker and have a hobbled Kawhi Leonard.

Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors have been the recipient of fortunate breaks. San Antonio Spurs may be without their 2nd leading scorer but do not count them out. Lamarcus Aldridge found something against the Houston Rockets he can take into the Golden State series. Golden State is small just like Houston is and has no true center who can lock LA down.

Gregg Popovich will look to hurt the Warriors on he boards and get a ton of offensive rebounds. Now I know we have heard this strategy before and some may think this will not work. San Antonio like the Cavaliers are one of the few teams that can successfully punish Golden State on the boards and still keep pace scoring.

Why Cant Teams Beat Golden State

Many teams are unable to take advantage of GSW’s small stature because they have no shooters to kick out to or they cannot finish well. San Antonio has the bigs who can consistently finish over the top and they have the shooters who can punish Golden State for allowing several extra possessions.

Spurs will win 2 games If they exclusively post up Golden State and crash the offensive glass. Gregg Popovich has enough discipline to stick to the game plan and make things interesting.

Warriors Will Prevail

Unfortunately, Golden State Warriors will take advantage of the fact Kawhi Leonard is not 100%. I expect for the Warriors to put him in the pick and roll extensively. Kawhi Guarding anyone like Klay Thompson expect them to make him run and wear him out.  Steve Kerr and company will force switches with the slow footed Pau Gasol and Lamarcus Aldridge.  Switches of this magnitude will cause penetration and will lead to easy finishes or wide open threes.

Steve Kerr knows that Gregg Popovich cant afford for his team to switch on defense because Golden State will take advantage of that fact. The matchup overall will be interesting and we will see great basketball on both parts. Ultimately, the fast pace and pick and roll switches will overwhelmingly favor Golden State Warriors.