Dwyane Wade is reunited with Lebron James in Ohio. Wade inked a 1-year $2.3 Million deal with the Cavs. “Flash” is signed at the veterans minimum. Lebron James is always happy to play with Wade. James highlights Wade brings championship DNA to Cleveland. Will Championship DNA be enough to get Cavaliers past the Golden State Warriors?

Cleveland is rearranging their roster with the likes of Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Derrick Rose and Dwyane Wade. Wade brings veteran leadership to the table. Dwyane is crafty and holds a high basketball IQ which serves to the Cavs benefit in tight situations. 

Cleveland’s rebuild is almost as good as the Boston Celtics. Cavs Roster contains a great mix of young and old talent that can go toe to toe with any team. Cleveland seems to be better equipt to face off with the Dubs this year more than any other year. Flash can be an x-factor for the team. Against the Boston Celtics last year the Bulls jumped to a 2-0 lead against the C’s on the road! Wade’s leadership boosted the confidence of Jimmy Butler and Nikola Mirotic as a result they played out of their minds. 

Not to mention Dwyane Wade last season averaged 18.3  points, 4.5 rebounds and 3.8 assists. Wade still has gas left in the tank. Dwyane can easily contribute to a championship team in any capacity. Based off of last season Wade is relatively healthy. D-Wade played 60 games on 29 minutes per game. In the playoffs Wade played 31 minutes per game. Health is not a concern as Wade is in great shape.

Dwyane Wade By The Numbers 

The eye test tells you Wade is a great addition to the Cavs. D-Wade and Lebron have great chemistry together. Wade is a champion and knows how to win. Dwyane plays within himself and does not make many bone headed plays. Flash gets his own shot and is a high IQ player. D-Wade has all the intangibles but his numbers  may not be what the Cavs are looking for. 

Wade’s field goal percentage for 2 pointers past 16 feet is 37%. Dwyane shot an abysmal 31% from 3 point range. Safe to say Wade will not allow for great spacing on the floor. Moreover, this is bad for the Cavs because last season Wade’s second highest shooting attempt served as 3 pointers. Teams will be happy to let an inefficient three point shooter take 3 point shots. In addition teams will pack the paint against Wade as his highest percentage of shot attempts come at the rim. 85% of Wade’s shots are 2 point attempts so the scouting report will be easy make Wade take contested twos. In the NBA a contested two pointer  is the  most inefficient shot in the league which will spell trouble for Cleveland. 

Cavs already have a roster of players who shoot inefficiently from D-Rose, JR Smith and Isaiah Thomas. Hence, Adding another player who is inefficient at scoring only hurts the Cavs chances at winning a title. 

Hips Don’t Lie

One cannot ignore the fact that Wade can be a defensive liability. Last season Wade chalked up a defensive plus minus of 0.6. Wade’s defensive Win Shares at 2.5 last season could use some improvement. Dwyane at 35 years of age simply cannot defend like he used to in the past. D-Wade can help out in a pinch. However, in the course of 82 games or a 7 game series he may find himself on the bench. Thus the Golden State Warriors will take advantage of Wade’s inability to fight over screens and defend pick and roll. 

Unfortunately, athletically Wade declines year by year shown in his 1.4 steals and 0.7 blocks  per game. Wade is  one of the best defensive shooting guards of all time. Recently that notion has taken a noise dive as teams often pick on Dwyane. Hence, Wade is forced  to prove he can play both on and off ball defense consistently. 

Why Numbers May Not Matter

Cleveland Cavaliers can very well ignore the numbers all around as Wade may come off the bench. D-Wade off the bench is a God send for the Cavs. Cavaliers lost the NBA Championship in part to a horrible bench. The Cavs rarely received any bench production. Therefore Wade off the bench in spurts will allow for Lebron to rest and help shoulder the offensive load. 

In conclusion Tyronn Lue will be able to rest easy. Lue  knows the Cavs have a veteran who can make good decisions with the basketball. Lue knows Wade is a playmaker. Cavs desperately need playmakers like Wade to give the starters a rest. The Numbers may not be the best but the eye test says yes. Wade may be the X-factor Lebron and company are looking for.