Doc Rivers is known as one of the best head coaches out there. Unfortunately, like Phil Jackson, Rivers front office acumen has not shown itself to be as formidable. Doc has made questionable decisions like bringing in his son Austin Rivers and signing former Celtics past their prime to help Clips fight a young and upcoming Western Conference. Los Angeles Clippers have never been to the Western Conference Finals. Doc Rivers even had the team poised to go to the WCF and they blew a 3-1 lead which is unheard of in a situation where the other teams best player sits out. 

Steve Ballmer and company have decided to lighten Doc Rivers load and allow Lawrence Frank to run basketball operations. Rivers will solely focus on coaching. Lawrence Frank has been a long time assistant of Doc since the Boston Celtics. Although there will be a transition Frank will rely heavily on Doc Rivers expertise as he makes the transition. 

Good News For Clippers and Doc Rivers

Clippers fans should be jumping for joy. We have not seen a successful Coach/GM since the inception of the NBA. A coach who is handed the authority to manage the team basketball operations and still has to coach is stretched too thin. Doc Rivers the coach has enough responsibilities as it is. Rivers has to game plan for the next team, tinker with line ups and settle disputes amongst players in terms of actions on the court. 

Doc unquestionably has not had the time to scout effectively, check managerial situations and reach out to free agents. The Clippers have not been a hot spot for free agents. Rivers was unable to recruit effectively because he was wearing too many hats. A GM should never double as a coach and vice versa. 

Clippers organization has suffered mightily to the point where they have lost CP3. If Rivers took on the role as solely a coach the Clips may have kept Chris Paul. Doc could not keep his pulse on his team due to the fact he was making GM moves. Ballmer has clearly defined roles in this move making it a better situation for the Clippers. Expect better coaching on the floor and even better decisions made by the front office.