Cleveland Cavaliers have had a lousy stretch of games recently. Their recent losses came at the hands of the Washington Wizards and San Antonio Spurs. Lebron and Company were being beaten so bad by the Spurs Lebron called for JR Smith to come out of the game. The Cavs defense has been a sore spot in the Cleveland Cavaliers side.

Cleveland Cavaliers are ranked below average on defense sitting at 22nd in the league. The Cavaliers are giving up 110 points per game needless to say that is not championship defense.  To make matters worse Cleveland Cavaliers are ranked 23rd in rebounds per game. Their secret weapon of Tristan Thompson has not been producing like they thought he would.

With a loss to the Spurs the Cavaliers have dropped to the number 2 seed in the East. Cleveland Cavaliers are confident they can win the East despite being second in the Eastern Conference. Lebron James has a near perfect record since 2012 being a 2 seed and has won championships. Last season LBJ and company were able to win a game 7 on the road.

Are Cleveland Cavaliers in Trouble?

Cavaliers are lulling everyone to sleep. Every year Lebron’s team looks as if someone will knock them off but no one in the East ever does. Lebron has swept many opponents in the NBA playoffs who won season series or looked like tough competition. Indiana Pacers, Atlanta Hawks  and Toronto Raptors were all teams who were supposed to give the Lebron a problem,

King James has been able to overcome all of these teams in commanding fashion.  However, this feels different all of the Eastern teams have improved in one fashion or another. The Boston Celtics have maintained a strong nucleus. Toronto Raptors have upgraded their roster immensely. Washington Wizards have evolved into a formidable adversary.

The jig is up everyone in the East knows how Lebron lulls teams to sleep with false confidence. Kyrie Irving always seems to struggle in the regular season but ratchets it up in the playoffs. Teams are making a mental note and have read through the screen play that is the Cavs rouse.

Cleveland’s Plan Exposed

The Cavaliers intended to show signs of weakness only to put vicegrips on their opponents in the playoffs. Playing weak has actually brought about chinks in their armor from JR Smith, Kevin Love and Andrew Bogut. Cleveland Cavaliers are in a precarious situation since most teams are aiming to knock off the champs more than ever.

Cleveland’s rotation, bench and defense seems to be in an awkward position. Lebron James is the great eraser for those issues but how much longer can he continue to keep up his blistering pace? The truth is Cleveland was building for Golden State but overlooked the gauntelet they face in the East. Cavaliers are not in trouble unless this brand of basketball is their true game. If so they are in a world of hurt.