Dahntay Jones has been riding the Cavs bench for the past two season. Jones recently came out to say that Stephen Curry is not a top 10 player. Dahntay Jones comments rang throughout the NBA and sparked debate. One cannot help but ask themselves why is Dahntay disrespecting Chef Curry?

Could it be the fact that Curry is more popular? Steph is already revered as the best shooter in NBA history. Does Curry bravado rub Dahntay the wrong way? Golden State Warriors have a knack for whooping on teams and pissing them off at the same time. Hence, Jones is still mad about his team getting annihilated in the playoffs and is simply attacking Curry. 

Whatever is bothering Dahntay Jones this has definitely tarnished his credibility. One cannot make any argument that Curry is not a top 10 player. Stephen Curry averaged 26 points 9 assists and 8 rebounds in the NBA Finals. There is no way on God’s Green earth one can say that is not a top 10 player. 

Dahntay Jones Is Jealous

Clearly Jones is jealous of Curry’s sudden rise to fame. Dahntay despises the fact Curry is not a great physical specimen or is “tough”. Many players disrespect Curry simply because they are jealous of his status. Players like Dahntay feel they have paid their dues and to be at the top you have to be more than able to shoot. 

News Flash Curry does more than shoot. Steph controls the tempo of the game. Curry spreads the floor and gets his teammates easy buckets. Stephen Curry is one of the best rebounding point guards the NBA has ever seen. Not to mention Curry scores in the most efficient manner the NBA has ever seen. 

Dahntay Jones cannot get over the fact that Steph is better than him and 95 percent of the league. Jones would never say Lebron is not top 10 nor would he say that about Durant. Jones has the gall to say that about a 2x NBA Champion, 2X NBA MVP and Unanimous MVP is ridiculous.  The more these players hate on Curry the more credibility they lose in the long run.