Cavaliers General Manager Koby Altman has been downplaying the Kyrie Irving and Lebron James beef. According to Altman no one in the organization has seen any of these allegations floating around in the media. Altman believes the issues have been “overblown”. Rob Parker has alleged that Lebron James requested for Kyrie Irving to be traded two years ago after winning the Championship. Stephen A. Smith has reported Lebron James would be tempted to beat Kyrie Irving’s A** if they were to meet in person. 

However, Cleveland has turned a blind eye to the apparent cry for help their organization is facing. Cavs have sprung a leak and it seems to be from one of their high profile stars. Kyrie is extremely unhappy because he thought private information would stay private. Now accusations  has led to Lebron James being implicated as a “snitch” and a bad teammate. As a result James is upset with those allegations and is looking to clear his name. 

Furthermore,  Kevin Love is lost in the shuffle of all of this back and forth. Love is on the outside looking in and sees how Kyrie is being treated. In addition, Dan Gilbert released the fact the Pacers deal would’ve been done and Kevin Love was on the table to be traded. Kevin sees himself as a tradable commodity. Love is not valued and Kyrie is not valued as his name was also  in trade talks.. 

Cavaliers Trying To Save Face

Cavaliers are trying to portray a fa├žade of business as usual and do not see there business can be shut down very soon. Cavs locker room is fractured. Some players are pro Lebron and some pro Kyrie. All must agree they are against the organization. Dan Gilbert has made poor and insulting decisions that has left the organization in disarray. 

Moreover, Gilbert fails to realize the players have more leverage than he thinks. Lebron James has a no trade clause and an out next summer. Kyrie Irving showing his displeasure makes the Cavs look weak. Also Kevin Love will look on the horizon request a trade as well. Hence, the players can literally form a mutiny and decide they want out. 

Lebron has showed players the power of mobility and the players association. The Big 3 will test the Cavs resolve and they will win since the organization is poorly run. If Gilbert forces the players to play unhappy they will not win and produce at a high level. Gilbert expects Irving to be in training camp is an insulting statement for someone who openly told you they do not care to return. 

Cavs have to get themselves out of la la land or their dreams will turn into nightmares. Cleveland has to get proactive and not reactive. Either they sit Lebron and Kyrie down and iron things out or they make trades. The longer issues fester in Cleveland the sooner you will see them implode.