charles oakley banned fair or folly?

Charles Oakley has been banned from Madison Square Garden  for his incident with security in MSG. Oakley has been banned from the Garden is almost similar to the exodus of Adam and Eve. James Dolan took his part in playing God pushing Oakley, once beloved, out of Eden. Dolan not only placed a temporary ban on Charles Oakley coming to MSG because of the fight  Dolan fired his chief of security.

While Charles Oakley’s actions were inexcusable having a physical altercation with security, James Dolan seems to have poured gasoline on the fire. Charles was a victim of circumstance. Oakley did not have a great relationship with Dolan. Charles Oakley openly criticized Dolan and the New York Knicks direction.

Unfortunately James Dolan took exception to these comments and had staff treat Oakley with hostility. First, Oakley and Dolan had a feud brewing. Charles explained that every time he came to MSG he was always being watched and was never welcome. Charles Oakley gets into an altercation with MSG security. Dolan drops the other shoe and bans Oak with a ridiculous ban that is temporary.

James Dolan’s ban on Charles Oakley A Joke You wish You Never Heard

James Dolan handled the situation poorly. Charles Oakley handled the profiling by Knicks security in poor taste as well. However, Dolan has a larger responsibility in this situation. James Dolan has to protect the brand of the NBA, New York Knicks and his ex-players.

Charles Oakley is just as important to the Knicks brand and fabric of their history as Dolan is with his check. Hence, Oakley should have never been removed from Madison Square Garden in that manner. Dolan made matters worse by having his PR team saying he was once a great Knick and they hope he gets help.

New York Knicks organization is insinuating Oakley has a drug or drinking problem with that statement. Dolan compounds that error by banning one of the most beloved Knicks of all time. Dolan’s reaction and inability to defuse this situation face to face shows why the Knicks organization will always be considered a classless organization. Most of all it confirms that Knicks organization is a joke.

Due to that statement Oakley has come out in the press and given his statement. The Knicks went out a gave out another statement after Oakley. Frankly this back and forth by the Knicks makes them look even worse in the situation.

James Dolan an Ego Maniac?

Dolan’s actions gives credence to Oakley’s claims that he was profiled and the fact that James cannot take criticism. Marv Albert was once an announcer for the Knicks. Albert critiqued the Knicks and was fired. Only Walt Clyde Frazier has been a major staple with New York. All the Knicks greats have never returned to do serious work in the organization. Patrick Ewing, Allan Houston and John Starks have had little to no role in New York post career. A classy organization would continue to work with ex-players to bridge the gap between the old generation and new generation.

James Dolan simply cuts the check then boots people out after he’s done with their services. Probably Future draft picks, business deals and free agents will be marred by the memory of Oakley being carried out. Since this is the way you treat your family who would want to come play in NY? As a result James Dolan literally set a torch to a gasoline filled situation and now it has blown up in his face.