Charles Barkley is always good for a sound bite. Barkley calls the current NBA players “poor babies” who are incapable of playing back to backs. Charles comments come after he the NBA revealed the 2017-2018 NBA season with only 14.8 of back to back games per team. The NBA is giving the players what they want by reducing the number of back to back games. The league adjusted the schedule to appease the players.  

Charles criticizes NBA players, like Lebron James, for constantly  demanding a lesser schedule that does not  severely taxes their bodies. Sir Charles scoffs at the notion current players are unable to handle the NBA schedule. Barkley cites the fact that former players such as himself and Michael Jordan played the “grueling season” current players are complaining about. Charles reiterates the fact that older players flew on less expensive planes and buses. Before Oscar Robinson fought for player rights teams did not even have Doctors or trainers to give players quality care. 

Charles Barkley Is Not Here For The Excuses of Current Players

Charles Barkley is upset that current players are  paid so handsomely but seemingly do not want to deliver. According to Sir Charles players make millions and live a coddled life to not play back to backs is absurd. Chuck highlighted the fact that former players flew commercial and took trains to play back to backs for less money!

Charles point is valid, but is invalidated if star players play all 82 games this upcoming season. Current players and the NBA can only justify these adjustments if star players play all 82 games. The NBA creating an amended schedule is  to fix the resting of stars across the league. If players get this schedule and still continue to rest then critics like Charles are 100% right!

Ideally less back to backs leads to better play across the league. Vegas always tells betters to bet on the home team when the road team  is on a second of back to backs. The road team is usually at a disadvantage because of playing the night before. Less back to backs equals an even playing field between the road team and home team. 

Thus,  the NBA is hoping for more nail biters and overtime games. The NBA is banking on better play across the league with rested stars. However, if players continue to rest this will be all for naught and Charles will have the very last laugh.