NBA instant replay is under great scrutiny. People hate the fact referees do not have the power to call fouls post replay. Others show frustration based on the length of time it takes for referees to come to a decision.  Jeff Van Gundy is always on his soap box how Instant Replay does not make sense if calls are missed or still wrong. Many fans hold the same sentiment. 

While instant replay is not perfect it is a necessary evil. Despite the negatives Instant Replay enhanced the game of basketball. Possessions are at a premium when it comes to basketball. Referees in the past did not have the luxury of such a powerful tool of replay. However, today referees can rely on technology to officiate games properly. This means possessions go to the right team. 

Yet games in the NBA still get blown down the stretch because the scope of instant replay is not being used properly. Oklahoma City Thunder lost a game because Giannis Antetokounmpo stepped out of bounds and the line judge missed the call. Unfortunately instant replay does not allow refs to make calls post replay. If a call is not made during the play officials are not allowed to make a call post play. 

Ways To Revamp Instant Replay In 2018

Instant Replay is a system the at lacks speed. The game loses momentum when replay takes 5 plus minutes to come to a definitive answer. The NBA needs to hire more staff in Secaucus NJ replay booth. There is an alternative to the replay facility in Secaucus and that Is a mini replay booth in each arena or a replay hub on the east coast and west coast.  The current work load in the replay facility seems to be too much. Adding new replay facilities or new hubs will decrease the load in NJ and increase the speed of output.

Furthermore, Instant replay should allow for the review of all baskets during the last 2 minutes despite a call for review by a line judge. Games like OKC vs Bucks reiterate the need for scoring reviews during timeouts. Automatically checking scores during the last 2 minutes during commercial break relieves any potential errors that can occur.

We will not see the potential for referees to make calls that they failed to make pre-replay. That is opening  Pandora’s box. Teams will ask to expand it to more quarters. Whole games can potentially be rescinded or have to be replayed due to a call made post replay. If a call wasn’t made pre-replay like a foul referees should not make it post replay it is not logic. Think about playing pickup no one allows for foul calls 3 minutes later. Call it in the act or don’t call it at all.