Isaiah Thomas received backlash for being traded from the Boston Celtics by Danny Ainge. Boston Celtic fans had no business burning I.T.’s jersey who played in the NBA playoffs  after losing his sister in a tragic  car accident. Boston Celtics fans that participated in this act are extremely despicable. Lebron James came out condemning  the lunatics:

NBA Fans That Burn Jerseys of Players Like Isaiah Thomas Do Not Understand The Business

Lebron James hit the nail on the head. Critics of Isaiah Thomas simply lack any business sense of the NBA. Isaiah Thomas did not do anything wrong.  Gordon Hayward did not do anything wrong to the Utah Jazz he was a free agent. Kevin Durant did not do anything wrong to the Thunder he was a free agent. Lebron James did not do anything wrong to the Cavaliers he was a free agent. 

Casual NBA Fans do not understand anything than highlight plays and their favorite sneakers. Thomas is expected to be loyal  when he was traded because Danny Ainge did not want to give him a max deal. Why should Isaiah Thomas be loyal to an organization that does not even want to pay him and traded him?

Business Is Business

In the NBA the saying goes business is business. Fans usually can understand when a team makes a decision for their best interest. People use the common phrase  ” They had no choice” they had to make that trade or make that move. However, When NBA players decide to take their destiny in their own hands fans go into an uproar. Players Jerseys are burned and players are disrespected to the high heavens. 

Isaiah Thomas did not even take his destiny into his own hands the Boston Celtics traded him. Hence, Fans of the NBA simply do not understand the words “trade” or “free agent”. NBA fans think the players decide everything and are responsible for everything in the NBA. 

Many NBA fans are simply ignorant to everything else that makes up the sport of basketball besides knowing their favorite player. Isaiah Thomas did not deserve this disrespect. NBA fans are beginning to look like beer guzzling drunks with mob mentality. This was the same mob mentality that sparked the malice in the palace. 

NBA fans have always been known as progressive, smart and loyal fans. These recent strings of jerseys being burned show the dark side of NBA fandom. Todays fans are less loyal than the players they complain about. Burning the jersey of Isaiah Thomas who took the Celtics  to the number 1 seed in the East and the Eastern Conference Finals is pure idiocy. 

The NBA has a decision to make either condemn fans for their foolishness or deal with the wrath of the players who will fireback ten times harder. We are not that far away from a” malice in the palace 2.0″.