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How To Start A YouTube Channel For Basketball

YouTube provides people the opportunity to work and collaborate via video. We watch videos for entertainment and educational purposes. YouTube allows for people to learn how to do things on a multitude of levels especially for sports. Experts provide their… Continue Reading →

How to Maintain 360 Waves When Playing Basketball

Basketball players are always looking for ways to keep their look fresh which includes waves. 360 waves are a signature style for many basketball players. Players have methods of maintaining their game on and off the court. Hair is no… Continue Reading →

How To Use Off-Hand/ Guard Arm When Dribbling

Dribbling has become more crucial for the game of basketball more than ever. Players like Kyrie Irving , Stephen Curry and Russell Westbrook have turned dribbling into an art form. Many players never seem to improve due to the fact… Continue Reading →

How To Get Ready For Basketball Tryouts

Basketball Tryouts are upon us and we have tips for you to impress the coaches. Tryouts can be nerve wrecking especially with uncertainty. Coaches are looking for quality players who can help them build the best team. These are the qualities… Continue Reading →

The Secret To Boxing Out In Basketball

Boxing out is an art form within itself in basketball especially when going up for a pivotal rebound. As we all know some games are won and lost on the boards. The NBA Finals  series between the San Antonio Spurs and… Continue Reading →

What To Do When You Don’t Have Access To Indoor Gym

Basketball is an indoor sport played in an indoor gym. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to an indoor gym. There are many factors that come into play when trying to get access to an indoor gym. A few that come to… Continue Reading →

How To Use Your Legs When Shooting A Basketball

When It comes to shooting the experts always tell you that the power comes from your legs. Unfortunately, the same experts do not provide you with a step by step guide on how to use your legs. There is always… Continue Reading →

How To Balance Academics and Basketball For Maximum Results

Growing up I was always taught that academics were very important. As a kid you  always hear that your education comes first. Unfortunately, young minds do not see further into the future and tend to find sports as the more important… Continue Reading →

Best 360 Waves Tips For Basketball Players

I remember playing freshman basketball and having wave grease leak all in my eye because I would sweat it out during games. I used to have a lot of wave grease dripping down because my 360 waves was extremely important… Continue Reading →

5 Weekend Warrior Tips For Ballers Getting Back In The Groove

There are many weekend warriors who like to hit up the court for recreation and to have a good time. Some do it to stay in shape while others do it because it is in their nature to hit the… Continue Reading →

How Basketball Players Can Benefit From Using Checklists

The past couple of weeks I have been operating using checklists. In the past two weeks I have been extremely productive more than I have been in a while. I can attribute this productivity to my new found use of… Continue Reading →

How To Use Your Off-Hand When Shooting A basketball

The off-hand is the glue to a shot if you have a wacky off-hand you will have a wacky shot. The off-hand or the guide hand helps keep the shot on line. If you notice players with a bad off-hand… Continue Reading →

Dangers of Taking Days Off

There are many dangers when taking days off from basketball. The number one thing you have to face is rust. Sometimes being a weekend Warrior you can play a couple of days then not play for another 2 weeks. This… Continue Reading →

How the Turn Can help your Jump Shot

The turn is a concept brought about by  Coach Paul Hoover at the Pro Shot Shooting system. We did a review on pro shot earlier last year and the turn was a big part to becoming a better shooter. I… Continue Reading →

How To Get Parents Support for Basketball

The topic of parents and sports is always a touchy one for kids who are aspiring to make a career out of basketball. It is really tough for many kids to garner any support from their parents. It is understandably so… Continue Reading →

Office Chatter and How to Handle it

When your in the office or around the water cooler at work the topic of sports always comes up. Sometimes there is a radio on in the office or people are clamoring about the game in the current NBA Finals…. Continue Reading →

How Lifting Weights Can Improve Your Basketball Skill: Hit The Weight Room

I wish growing up I  hit the weight room a whole lot more and added lifting weights to my training regimen.  There were all these myths about lifting weights and all the bad things it did to your game. When… Continue Reading →

Introducing Kids to Basketball: Do’s & Dont’s

Introducing kids to basketball can be a daunting task , especially when it is your child or young relative. You want them to do everything perfect in every way. At times when it comes to kids playing basketball you catch… Continue Reading →

Pre Game Tips Before You Hit the Court

Everyone  has pre game ritual they  like to do before a game of basketball.  Some people start a pre game with a music playlist or some stretches. Some people pre game by watching a video of their favorite player scoring a… Continue Reading →

How to Enjoy The NBA Playoffs

It is a miracle with all this technology we still do not know how to enjoy the NBA Playoffs. There are a variety of reasons why people cannot get the full fulfilment from the NBA Playoffs. Some people have job… Continue Reading →

  A jammed finger can be a huge bummer when playing basketball. You know you are chasing after a loose ball or you are  reaching in for a strip and boom! You get a jammed finger! The Jammed finger can affect… Continue Reading →

Wind is always a cause for concern when you attempt to hoop it up on the outside courts. Whenever you hit the playground to have an epic game the wind always rears it’s ugly  head at the wrong times. The… Continue Reading →

Diet Your Way to Playing Better

When it comes to many basketball players’ diets there is only one word to describe it, Awful. Many players including those in the NBA have diets that would put professional eaters to shame. They eat what they want, when they… Continue Reading →

Can Stretching Be Your Key to Athleticism?

Stretching often goes ignored by many athletes especially young up and coming kids who want to play basketball. They think that stretching is overrated or it is only for old men. Others believe stretching is awkward and it is too similar… Continue Reading →

How To Avoid Going Crazy During March Madness

March Madness already has some people tearing up their sheets as the sure bets have become bracket busters. With all the March Madness going on people are enjoying filling out sheets more they are enjoying the games. Do not fall… Continue Reading →

How To Relieve Charley Horse Attacks: Top Tips For Healing

  Two nights ago I had a  Charley Horse attack while I was scrimmaging in an open gym. I felt a slight tingle the third game I played  and thought nothing of it. By the fifth game it was evident what I… Continue Reading →

Why You Are Not Getting Better at Basketball

Getting Better at Basketball? If not, we know what is holding you back from reaching your maximum potential. It is often difficult  to tell the truth why one is not achieving the goals they set out to do.  Getting better is… Continue Reading →

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