how carmelo anthoy can save the new york knicks

Carmelo Anthony has one chance to salvage the New York Knicks season. New York Knicks are currently 17-20 and are clinging on to the 11th spot. Knicks seem to be sinking and sinking fast. Knicks have huge deficiencies on the defensive end. Melo and company are particularly slow. New York Knicks transition defense is probably the worst in the NBA.

Carmelo Anthony is no spring chicken, but he needs to hustle on defense. The team follows his lead especially defensively. Anthony has to right the New York Knicks ship. Melo has no excuse not to make the playoffs this year. Carmelo has a great front court with Joakim Noah and Kristaps Porzingis.

New York Knicks have guard play with Courtney Lee and Derrick Rose. Knicks on paper look good, but on the court there is no chemistry. New York seems to lack leadership on and off the court. Carmelo Anthony has the power to be the leader that he never knew he was capable of being.

Where Does Carmelo Anthony Start ?

Carmelo needs to get himself in peak condition. Melo’s body is not the greatest we have seen in a while. Carmelo Anthony needs to take a page out of Lebron James book and change his diet. Anthony’s physique appears pudgy on the court. Melo moves  sluggishly.

Fuel Melo is putting in his body is slowing him down on the court. We all know Carmelo is not clean eating especially going to the corner store with his wife. Carmelo’s transition defense and movement would vastly increase if he would change his dietary habits. Melo’s body is breaking down as he is dealing with shoulder injuries and the whole nine. This minor tweak could get Anthony playing at a higher level defensively.

Anthony’s main aim should be to consistently getting himself in the post. Every game Carmelo Anthony plays and he is in the post great things happen. Melo can see the floor from the post and make crisp passes to his teammates. Defensively teams cannot handle Carmelo in the posts. Anthony consistently draws a double teams which will leave his teammates wide open. Melo cannot wait for Coach Hornaceck to ask him to get in the post he has to volunteer. If he does not the Knicks will fail to make the playoffs again.