The Boston Celtics finally got on the board defeating the Bulls 104-87. As predicted whomever won  the three point battle would win the game.  Boston Celtics shot 45.9% from three point range while the Chicago Bulls shot an abysmal 28.6%. Bulls only hit 6 three point shots for the entire game. Boston made 17 three pointers almost 3 times of that of Chicago!

The Boston Celtics have found something with their game 3 win over the Bulls. Boston Celtics amassed 34 assists while the Bulls only had 14 assists. Isaiah Thomas continually got good action in the 1-5 pick and roll. Brad Stevens can use that strategy of pick and rolls early and often for Thomas if Rondo returns in game 4 from the hand injury.

Celtics are better than their 0-2 deficit is showing. The Thomas Family tragedy took a tool on the Cs and their attempt to rally in a tragic loss did not have the desired effects. Boston played inspired basketball and got back to their roots which is hardnosed defense and ball movement.

Boston Celtics Needs To Get Back By Committee

Brad Stevens needs to remind his group that they cannot sit back and watch Isaiah Thomas work. Jae Crowder, Al Horford and Avery Bradley are equally important to the team on both ends. Often times guys get caught ball watching and have a hard time finding a rhythm. Stevens can use the film to show good things happen when more than one person is aggressive.

Celtics have more weapons than Chicago but the players on that team are reluctant to take the ball out of Thomas hands. Players like Al Horford need to get as many touches and consistently stay aggressive. Boston Celtics are best when there is a balanced attack. Brad Stevens has a blue print to overcome the deficit.

Celtics have to rebound the basketball and pack the paint as much as possible. Bulls are a horrible three point shooting team. Chicago’s lack of shooting reared its ugly head in game 3. Lucky for Brad Stevens poor shooting by the Bulls will be a recurring theme if Celtics continue to lock down the paint.

I didn’t believe it at first but now I think Boston Celtics can actually win the series in 6 or 7 games. Their regained identity and player confidence will lift them past the Bulls.