Andrew Wiggins is looking at becoming the $150 Million man in Minnesota. Owner Glen Taylor would like to have a face-to-face sit down meeting before they ink the deal. According to sources close to the situation Wiggins has been avoiding or delaying the meeting all to begin with. 

Wiggins is raising a red flag due to his unavailability. Andrew seems as if he is dodging the money better yet the responsibility. Taylor looks at Andrew Wiggins as a long term investment. Glen feels like he has a franchise player in Wiggins. That being said Taylor expects a franchise player caliber effort. 

Andrew Wiggins averaged 23 points and 4 rebounds per game last year. Wiggin’s average has raised every year dating back to his rookie year. However, Andrew has not had impressive shooting numbers across the board. Wiggins is shooting 76% from the free throw line life time. The Young star has a field goal percentage of 45% but  is shooting an abysmal 33% from three point range. 

Glen Taylor Wants To Make Sure Andrew Wiggins is Committed

Taylor wants to give Wiggins the old school handshake deal. Glen wants Wiggins to understand a large contract comes with the large responsibilities of raising all of Wiggin’s numbers. One cannot justify a large deal to a player who is not committed to improving exponentially. 

The NBA game has changed dramatically shooting and being a skilled player is more important than ever. Wiggins cannot continue shoot below the mean of the best players in the NBA and get a large contract. Ironically, this meeting is basically a reality check for Wiggins. 

Glen Taylor is not physically imposing and does not command a great deal of respect. There is no guarantee that this will make Wiggins improve at all. Andrew may feel he is being pressured to become a player he is not. Wiggins is a number #1 pick and playing  average compared to  star player counterparts will get him booed. 

Timberwolves have added pieces like Jimmy Butler, Jeff Teague and Taj Gibson.  Karl-Anthony Towns has come into his own. Wiggins can easily get swallowed up by the veterans and his young counterpart in Towns. Timberwolves have a different set of expectations. Thus, Taylor wants Wiggins to know 31-51 will not be acceptable this go around.