why chicago bulls can kiss their playoff hopes goodbye

Chicago Bulls were in crisis mode before the injury to Dwyane Wade. The Bulls were sitting at 10th place in the Eastern Conference at 32-36. After confirming Dwyane Wade has a fracture and sprain in his right elbow the Chicago Bulls season is officially a rap. Chicago Bulls have counted D-Wade out for the rest of the season.

Jimmy Butler has a tall order to get the Chicago Bulls to the NBA Playoffs. The Bulls lack shooting across the board. Their big men are not that athletic. Fred Hoiberg’s system has not seeped into the fiber of the Bulls. Chicago’s struggles have been clearly documented over 2 seasons and their lack of depth does not help.

Chicago Bulls Simply Don’t Have Enough

D-Wade is the Bull’s second leading scorer at 18.6 points per game. The next highest scorer is Robin Lopez at 10.2 points per game. Chicago Bulls do not have enough firepower to maintain a steady climb into playoffs. Hoiberg’s scheme is not conducive to a great offensive flow.

Dwyane Wade out of the lineup is a death sentence to Chicago. Jimmy Butler would have to conclude the season averaging 30 points per game  and that is not realistic. Looking at the playoff push down the stretch the Charlotte Hornets, Detroit Pistons and Miami Heat have a better shot at making it into the NBA playoffs.

All of the teams jockeying for a playoff spot were playing better basketball before Wade’s injury. Teams looking at the NBA playoffs Post Wade Injury  are salivating at the lips to play even better. John Paxson may even decide to do a complete overhaul of personnel and fire the head coach.

Paxson did not foresee the Bulls season ending up like this. Rajon Rondo, D-Wade and Jimmy Butler were supposed to be the 3 Amigos. However, pride and ego destroyed their locker room. Bulls are adding insult to injury as now they may miss the playoffs and lose Jimmy Butler to free agency. Butler did not sign up to be on a sub .500 team barely making the playoffs.