Basketball Courts are sometimes hard to find, especially during the winter time for those who normally play outdoors. Well we have a solution for that as we bring you basketball courts in your area. If you have any basketball courts indoor or outdoor please feel free to email us at Please send at least two pictures of the court and times it is available for recreation.

Lafayette Park  (Nanny Goat) Basketball Courts

Lafayette Park is located on the corner of Lexington and Frank Street in Bridgeport , CT. This park used to be terrible in terms of  basketball hoop conditions. They were double rim and were hanging low. With a renovation to the outdoor court Nanny Goat is a premier place to play some outdoor basket ball. The Basketball court has nice breakaway rims with a padded flooring made of a soft  turf good on the knees. The backboards are made of fiber glass which is a nice aesthetic appeal. The basketball courts are hidden right in the neighborhood with houses all around the shade from the trees covers this new found gem. There are two basketball courts and plenty of benches  to sit and nice shade trees. The competition in this park varies it depends when you go. It is a nice place to play and almost getaway from a lot of the hoopla.