Basketball players are always looking for ways to keep their look fresh which includes waves. 360 waves are a signature style for many basketball players. Players have methods of maintaining their game on and off the court. Hair is no exception as looking good on the court is just as important off the court.

In High school I made a million mistakes when it came to my waves. I used to use way too much product and I did not use a brush enough. Pomade was my major error with my waves. Dax hair pomade used to drip down my forehead and burn my scalp as the light hit it.

I am not the only person that has gone through this and I want young players to avoid these mistakes.

Best  Methods To Maintain 360 Waves During Basketball Season

Players should avoid pomades the entire season. Basketball is a sport which involves a lot of sweat. Pomade and perspiration do not mix. Players will find the pomade running down their head during a game. Basketball players should use all natural products that are light. Moisturizers  like Blue Magic and  Curl Enhancing smoothie are a players best friend . Products like the ones listed are light and easy to wash out. Always use all natural products that do not contain sulfates.

Hair always look best clean. Ballers should be washing their hair at least twice a week. Hair needs to be shampooed and conditioned every single wash session. Conditioner is very important as it provides moisture to the hair and replenishes the natural oils. Basketball players sweat a great deal which can lead to a dry scalp so shampoo and conditioner are key. Once again, use an all natural shampoo and conditioner. Companies that come to mind are Carol’s Daughter and Shea Moisture.

The next tip to maintain 360s is using small amounts of product. Never grab more than one finger full of product to put in your hair. Waves are meant to breath thus caking up hair with product is a no go. Players need to only use a moderate amount of moisturizer to get the desired effect.

Most importantly, brush waves often using a mirror to get the desired pattern. When off the court use a Du-rag or stocking cap to maintain 360s. Brushing is the key to 360 waves. Brush hair as much as possible. When you are not brushing keep waves tied down to maintain the style. Hopefully, these tips help you in  keeping your waves fresh.