Demarcus Cousins  suffered a horrible Achilles Injury against the Houston Rockets on Friday in a 115-113 victory.  While Demarcus’s injury only seems to affect the Pelicans it will have a massive impact on the future course of the NBA.

First of all the Demarcus Cousins injury will impact the tenure of black head coaches. The NBA player makeup is over 70% black, yet when it comes to head coaches the league is over 90% white. There are only 4 black head coaches Alvin Gentry, Doc Rivers, Nate McMillan and Tyronn Lue. Demarcus going down with an Achilles injury puts more pressure on Gentry to get players to produce. Therefore, if the Pelicans do poorly post cousins Gentry is out of Job. As a result that leads to one less black head coach in the NBA which is a problem. Ultimately the makeup of head coaches shows that African Americans are not getting a fair shot in the NBA.

Secondly, Demarcus’s Injury will force the NBA to see if they are diagnosing and studying Achilles injuries properly. As we all know when a player has an Achilles injury they are never the same. Famous examples of players include Kobe Bryant, Dominique Wilkins and Elgin Baylor. None of which ever played to their top form ever again.  According to the reports fatigue contributed to Cousin’s injury. The NBA has to decide if they are willing to treat and or amend players rest schedules to avoid these injuries in the future. Also what does that say about head coaches, Alvin Gentry, who push the pace and may cause overuse? Can this small ball NBA style be contributing to all of these injuries. These are contributing factors one must consider. 

Back To The Future With Demarcus Cousins Achilles Injury

Thirdly, Anthony Davis future in New Orleans rested upon Demarcus Cousin. The two big man system was working in New Orleans. The Chemistry between Boogie and the Brow was high. Davis will have to make a decsions about his future in 2020 if he wants to pick up his player option. Thus if the effects of Cousin’s injury are lingering that can result in Davis testing the Free Agent market and leaving  New Orleans. 

Speaking off futures Lebron James had a lot riding on Demarcus Cousins as well. Lebron James and his camp were pushing for the Cavs to trade for Demarcus Cousins. The prospect of trading their #1 pick and some other pieces is a good prospect to keep Lebron James in Cleveland.  The Achilles Injury clouds the future of a Lebron and Boogie connection in Cleveland. Moreover, it places strain on the Cavs even making a trade for Anthony Davis due to the fact Demarcus is injured. The Pelicans will be less inclined to make any trades because they are minus a star. If the Cavs wanted AD they would have to sweeten the deal 10X more which would gut the Cavs and Lebron would not like that. 

Lastly, the Injury hurts the future of the NBA Big Man. Demarcus Cousins is not the prototypical big man he is  a post player, shooter and ball handler. In essence Cousins is the best big man in the NBA. An Achilles injury to the best will water down the plight of the big man in the NBA. Before Cousins most big men wanted to spot up and shoot. Demarcus bully ball gave hope to aspiring big men. This injury kills the future Boogies of this world because the injury reiterates big men cannot bang and play finesse a the same time. The fast pace is too much stress and the fatigue factor will destroy the thought of a hybrid big men. There are  only two left  and they are Anthony Davis and Kristaps Porzingis. The less great big men in the league the more it hurts the center position.