Magic Johnson has been recently been named President of Basketball operations of the Los Angeles Lakers. Jeannie Buss has ousted Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak.  Magic has a tall task to turn the Los Angeles Lakers around. However, Johnson is one of the few people in the basketball world capable enough undertake this huge task. The Lakers Organization has been in disarray for far too long.

Magic Johnson Knows Talent When He Sees It

Johnson has a great deal of basketball experience. Magic knows more about basketball in his pinky finger than most people know in their lifetime. Magic Johnson will be able to tell if a potential draft pick has the intangibles to play on his team. In addition, Magic will not hold any punches if a player is not of Laker quality. 

Los Angeles Lakers have had great talent from Kareem Abdul-Jabbar , James Worthy, Wilt Chamberlain, Kobe and Shaq. Johnson knows that the Lakers are only seeking out greatness. Magic Johnson will bring in character guys that will live up to the Laker tradition. 

Luke Walton and Magic will be able to collaborate on the current roster. Johnson will serve as the liaison to get Walton the talent Lakers  need to win.

Free Agency Doesn’t Stand A Chance Against Magic’s Smile

Lakers have been last place in free agency over and over. Free Agents have passed up on the Lakers without taking a meeting. Kevin Durant would not even take a meeting with the Lakers which is a sign the organization is a joke. Magic Johnson in the front office takes away from the idea the organization is a laughing stock.

Free Agents will take a meeting with Magic and seriously contemplate coming to Lakers. The next KD will come to LA with a serious mindset of making a difference for the franchise. Previously, free agents would skim over the Lakers. Magic’s presence will make players stop in their tracks. Furthermore it is a big help Johnson  can come to a  meeting with 5 championship rings.

Showtime Eliminates The Dysfunction In LA

The Lakers franchise has suffered primarily due to it’s Dysfunction. The leaders of the organization have always clashed. Jeannie Buss could not get along with her brother Jim Buss. Jim Buss would never agree with Mitch Kupchak. Los Angeles Lakers had too many bosses and not enough workers.

Magic Johnson creates one voice and one message. Johnson eliminates all confusion which means there will be one solid direction. Fans used to be confused as to the direction of the Lakers. Hence no one took the organization as a serious threat. Now that there is a new sheriff in town people will see the exact direction of the Lakers and be able to invest in the team.

Magic is not the one to play with and Lakers fans are not one for play I should know.