3 reasons why cleveland cavalies cannot win without kevin love

Kevin Love has been at the heart and center of trade talks these past two weeks. Lebron James created this epicenter for trade talks with his “we need help” rant. Carmelo Anthony for Kevin Love was a potential trade but David Griffin did not pull the trigger.

Dan Gilbert and  upper management actually realize the importance of Kevin Love. Kevin brings a great deal to the table that many other players would fail to accomplish in Cleveland. Love has the potential to break or make the Cavs post season run.

Cavaliers went on an incredible playoff streak last year winning 10 straight before losing in game 3 to the Raptors in the Eastern Conference Finals. Kevin Love was a huge factor for that incredible start, with him on the floor Cavs efficiency skyrocketed. Hence, Kevin is more than just a spot up shooter.

More importantly Kevin Love is an integral part of the Cavs Championship run. People tend to forget game 7 Kevin Love played a great game and kept the Cavs from losing in game 7. Key rebounding and defensive plays were made by the Power Forward.

Cleveland Cavaliers Need Kevin Love More Than they Think

First of all, no other potential trade is going to offer the Cavaliers rebounding like K. Love. The Cavaliers have downsized and are playing a small ball. Cavs cannot expect to be competitive by trading their leading rebounder. Kevin is averaging 11.1 rebounds that is more than Tristan Thompson. Trading Love means a pummeling on the boards.  Championships are built on defense and rebounding therefore Cavs lose in the rebounding department.

Secondly, Kevin is unselfish which gels with Kyrie Irving and Lebron James. Lebron James  plays  best when he has the basketball in his hands. Kyrie Irving plays the best having the basketball in his hands. Cleveland trading away Love for another player who needs the ball does not make sense. Kevin is the only player with star quality who can score without constant need of the ball. UCLA and the John Wooden system has taught Love to play without the basketball. Cavs trading for a player who is selfish or borderline selfish leaves the Cavs dead in the water.

Finally, Kevin Love is a matchup nightmare for teams in the Eastern Conference. Lebron and Kyrie always give you the usual spectacular play. Kevin is the x-factor where you never know what to expect from him. Love can give you 20 rebounds one game. Next game Love can shoot 9 threes and bury a team from the perimeter. Kevin on his “A” game is an almost unstoppable force. Tyronn Lue is tasked with keeping Love engaged to output those monster games like he did against the Washington Wizards.

We all know Love is capable of great things. What many people don’t know is that without Kevin Cavaliers will not win another Championship let a lone make it to the NBA Finals.