3 Reasons Why trade for Carmelo anthony answers lebron's prayers

Carmelo Anthony trade talk could not come at a better time. Cavs have dropped 5 of their last 8 games. Lebron James recent comments were not taken with a grain of salt.  Consequently Cleveland Cavaliers front office  called LBJ to the principles office. New York Knicks have already reached out to the Cavaliers to offer a straight up trade Carmelo Anthony for Kevin Love. David Griffin has refused the trade and is looking for other options.

Furthermore, Brian Windhorst has called Carmelo Anthony the “worst player” for Cavs to get. Needless to say we beg the differ. People tend to deal in extremes.  King James claims  Cavs do not have enough playmaking even though they have a big 3. Critics thought Iman Shumpert and JR Smith were a bad pick up for the Cavs. Individuals need to look at Melo through a different lens.

If you recall many people thought JR Smith and Iman Shumpert would never contribute to a championship team. Shump and Smith proved everyone wrong. Carmelo Anthony has the same potential to prove all the naysayers wrong.  Although Melo has proven he is not a leader in the conventional sense. No one ever said he is unable to contribute to a championship team. However, Melo can be a key factor on a championship team. Carmelo Anthony simply cannot be the best player on a championship team. Lebron James paired with Anthony solves that problem.

Kevin Love Getting No Love In Cleveland

Love has to be in disarray with all these  trade rumors. Kevin was a  a player who was coveted by the Cavs and now is now a player swirling in trade talk.  Cleveland  moved heaven earth to get Kevin Love and now it seems they want move it back. Kevin Love cannot feel secure at all with a moments notice that Cleveland can possibly deal him. Back to Carmelo Anthony trade talk.

3 Reasons Carmelo Anthony Would Be Best Player For Cleveland Cavaliers to Acquire

  1. Familiarity- Carmelo Anthony and Lebron James are familiar with each other on the basketball court. Melo and Bron Bron have played a AAU, Team USA Basketball and head to head a ton. Hence Both players have a ton experience with each other. Saying their play on the court would be seamless is an understatement. Noteworthy Wade and Lebron had a lot of experience playing against and with each other and you see how that turned out in Miami. Also Carmelo is familiar with JR Smith and Iman Shumpert.  Carmelo is not headed in an environment where he will not know what to expect. Anthony will know what is exactly needed from him. Melo will deliver easily.
  2. Melo Doesn’t Need A Lot Of Touches- Kevin Love has one deficiency in his offensive game the Cavs have to get him going. They have to jump start him offensively consistently. Especially relevant Carmelo Anthony does not have that problem. Carmelo is always ready score. Even at times where he may be 0-10 you better believe number 11 is going in. Carmelo Anthony can score in the post, mid-range or 3 point land. Melo on offense is a playmaker in every sense of the word there is nothing he cannot do on the court offensively. In addition there will never be a meeting about Melo struggling in Cleveland because he will never ask for permission to shoot. Often Times Kevin Love struggles because he is too timid and needs help to get going. While Carmelo is always on go mode Love seems like a sore on the Cavs.
  3. Carmelo Makes The Game Easy-  Another reason Melo is great is that he eases offensive tension on the team.  Adding Carmelo to an already loaded Cleveland Cavaliers squad makes the game easy for everyone involved. Also Teams would be unable to double Lebron, Kyrie or Carmelo as all three are lethal when left open. Therefore Lebron James would have even wider lanes to the basket as people would cower to miss their assignment on Melo for a 3-pointer. Plus, Carmelo can  run great offense out of the post a position Lebron James has rarely embraced in his career. Plus Leaving Melo on the court with the second unit means no drop off for the team. So Anthony would be the offensive battery for the team while everyone else does the dirty work. Anthony is an underrated passer. As a result Carmelo’s  gravity he would be dishing a career high in assists. A Lebron James- Carmelo Anthony pick and roll would dice up any team including Golden State.

Hold the phone the Cavs just lost in OT to the Sacramento Kings 112-116. Seems like  David Griffin will be making a call soon.