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Why James Harden At The Point Guard Position May Work For Houston

James Harden is being shuffled around In Houston by Mike D’antoni. James Harden will try his talents at being a point guard which at first I saw as a mistake.  I gave all the reasons why it would not work, now… Continue Reading →

What Derrick Rose Not Guilty Verdict Means For The New York Knicks

Derrick Rose was found not guilty of allegedly raping his  ex-girlfriend back  in 2013 by a jury deliberating his case. Rose was accused of raping his ex-girlfriend in her Los Angeles apartment after she had passed out from alcohol and… Continue Reading →

How The Golden State Warriors Solve Their Draymond Green Problem

Many sports analyst and commentators have been labeling Draymond Green as a problem to the Golden State Warriors. Analyst are citing Draymond Green’s volatile nature and his propensity to get suspended. Green may have very well cost the Golden State… Continue Reading →

Why Slam Magazines Top 50 Is Wrong About Chris Paul

Slam Magazine came out with their Top 50 players and for some strange reason Slam had Chris Paul Ranked at Number 11. Ladies and gentlemen where do we live in a world where Chris Paul is not a top 10… Continue Reading →

How To Contest Shots In NBA 2K17

Defense is a top priority in NBA 2K17 and contesting shots is key if you want to stop your opponent. The system settings in NBA 2K17 are set to contest on intense-D. This means if you hold L2 PS4 or… Continue Reading →

Why This Season Will be Carmelo Anthony’s Best Season of His Entire Career

Jeff Hornaceck came out and said that the New York Knicks do not need Carmelo  Anthony to carry the team every night. The fact of the matter is that it is true. With the team that the New York Knicks have… Continue Reading →

Generational Gap On Display Paul Pierce Vs Draymond Green

Recently Paul Pierce came out and said he does not feel that this generation of players are as hungry as his generation was , highlighting a generational gap. These comments came from Paul Pierce commenting on Kevin Durant signing with the Golden… Continue Reading →

Eastern Conference Returning To Prominence

For the first time in years the Eastern Conference looks as if it has returned to form. Almost every team in the Eastern Conference looks like they can make a nice run and give East Coast Fans something to watch… Continue Reading →

How To Master Shooting In NBA 2K17

NBA 2K17 has been out for over a month and everyone is going crazy trying to figure out how to shoot and get more green lights. 2K sports has really revamped their shooting system and are stearing players away from… Continue Reading →

Is The Media Overreacting To Golden State Warriors Preseason Games?

The Golden State Warriors recently played a preseason game against the Los Angeles Clippers and blew the doors off the hinges. They defeated the Clippers 120-75 and that victory has everyone clamoring about what is about to happen next season…. Continue Reading →

Should David Blatt Accept The Championship Ring From Cleveland?

The Cleveland Cavaliers have extended the offer to David Blatt to accept a championship ring during their ring ceremony. As we all remember David Blatt led the Cleveland Cavaliers to the best record in the Eastern Conference until he was… Continue Reading →

Why James Harden At The Point Guard Position Is a Horrble Idea

Apparently the Houston Rockets are dead set on turning James Harden into a point guard. Mike D’antoni has ruined a few careers in his lifetime from Pau Gasol, Dwight Howard and Carmelo Anthony. This move by D’antoni can become the… Continue Reading →

NBA 2K17 Review

The 2k Franchise has really let me down with NBA 2K17. The game has been a glorified VC hunt. Everything that you do is predicated on getting VC and getting badges. Right out of the gate the first thing you… Continue Reading →

Pat Riley Reveals Ugly Truth About Chris Bosh Situation

Pat Riley recently came out and stated that Chris Bosh’s return was not a priority for the Miami Heat. Chris Bosh career is over in Miami.  This news came from a failed physical by CB last week. Pat Riley has emphatically… Continue Reading →

Steve Kerr Feels Americans Should Be Disgusted

Steve Kerr came out recently and expressed that no matter what side we are on police or citizens, people should be extremely disgusted with the recent police shootings of minorities This is after the aftermath of the police shooting of Terrence… Continue Reading →

How New York Knicks Can Reach Eastern Conference Finals

The New York Knicks can make it to the Eastern Conference Finals. Many people may not believe this can happen but you must think about the present time in the NBA and the talent wrapped around Carmelo Anthony. This is… Continue Reading →

Giannis Antentokounmpo Signs 4 Year $100 Million Deal Is He Worth It?

Giannis Antentokounmpo has signed a $100 Million dollar deal for over 4 years with the Milwaukee Bucks. This deal will essentially change Giannis’ life and it will change the Bucks forever. We cannot say that we did not see this… Continue Reading →

Should NBA Players Protest The National Anthem Like Colin Kaepernick?

With the looming NBA season upon us people are wondering if NBA players will protest against the National Anthem ala Colin Kaepernick. As we all know Colin Kaepernick has chosen to exercise his 2nd amendment and boycott the National Anthem…. Continue Reading →

Why You Should Purchase A Program to Get Better At Basketball

When it comes to getting better at basketball a lot of kids are willing to put in certain amount of hours. They go to the court and shoot around and practice to no end. We can always see slight progression but certain… Continue Reading →

Stephen Curry confirms What We Knew All along

Stephen Curry recently did an interview where he finally admitted that his knee was not 100%. Curry said that his knee was not 100% but who cares  as long as you are out there you are in a position to help… Continue Reading →

Why LeBron James Will Win More Rings Than Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant has made a power move going to the Golden State Warriors, but will he win more rings than Lebron James? There was a poll asking whether or not Kevin Durant would win more championships  than Lebron James. It… Continue Reading →

Why Warriors Should Not Expect A lot From Kevin Durant on Defense

The Golden State Warriors have come out publicly and stated how they expect a lot from Kevin Durant Defensively. Warriors should not hold their breathe because KD is not equally yoked defensively as he is offensively. Kevin Durant has the… Continue Reading →

Is It Time For Chris Bosh To Consider Retirement?

Chris Bosh has had serious health scares with his issues regarding blood clots. The first time Bosh  was hit with the bad news he was in mid season form. In the 2014-2015 season Chris Bosh averaged 21 points and 7 rebounds…. Continue Reading →

Should The Cleveland Cavaliers Trade Kevin Love?

Kevin Love is a sore topic of conversation for the Cavaliers.  Love did not get a lot of playing time during the NBA Finals. Game 7, Love, played a major role in securing key rebounds which led to  a Cavaliers… Continue Reading →

NBA 2K17 Wish List

NBA 2K17 is coming out on September 16th and we have a huge wish list. NBA 2K16 was great, but we have revisions for NBA 2K17 and we hope they meet our expectations. Kobe Bryant is on the cover and… Continue Reading →

Team USA Wins Gold Medal Defeats Serbia 96-66

Team USA came out victorious against Serbia with a 30 point victory 96-66.  USA Men’s basketball team started out slow but their defense picked it up. The second unit with Paul George, Kyle Lowry and Jimmy Butler set the tone… Continue Reading →

Did Team USA Recruit The Wrong Players?

Team USA recently came out with victory over Spain 82-76. Klay Thompson scored 22 points and went 4/8  from three point range. DeAndre Jordan was very active with 9 points, 16 rebounds and 4 blocks. Team USA’s victory can be attributed… Continue Reading →

How Argentina Almost Knocked Off Team USA

Argentina literally gave Team USA a heart attack with a 19-9 run in the first quarter. Argentina came out with great  intensity. Argentina made sharp cuts with great  intention. The Argentinians ran their sets with purpose and  urgency. Facundo Campazzo started… Continue Reading →

Who Is To Blame For Team USA Struggles In Rio?

Team USA has been  underwhelming the past two games they played. Team USA barely made it out with a victory against Serbia. France gave the US Men’s team a run for their money with  the game going down to the… Continue Reading →

Can The Golden State Warriors Truly be Considered Villains?

The Golden State Warriors with the addition of Kevin Durant have been labeled villains.  Warriors truly villains after all they  achieved in the past two seasons? Lets check their Resume shall we. Warriors went 73-9 , had the 2-time NBA MVP, unanimous MVP last year and… Continue Reading →

Lebron James Signs $100 Million Deal

Lebron James has finally taken what he is worth by sigining a 3 year $100 Million dollar deal. LBJ will be making an estimated $33.3 Million dollars per year. Lebron’s contract comes with a third year player option just in case… Continue Reading →

Why Ray Allen Will Not Come Out of Retirement

  Ray Allen has been teasing everyone with  rumors of his return. Spike Lee has been trying to recruit Ray Allen to the Knicks. Lebron James is trying to recruit Ray to the Cavaliers. Allen has said himself he was… Continue Reading →

The Only Team That Can Defeat Team USA in The Olympics

Everyone is worried that Team USA may be approaching the Rio Games over confident. Guess what? Those critics are 100% correct. There is one team that is just as talented and has enough fire power to take Team USA down…. Continue Reading →

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